Protection ID v5.2C Le tout dernier scanner

Protection ID v5.2C (Mars 2007)
C"est le tout nouveau scanner, le plus récent d'entre tous. Il détectera les protections la ou ClonyXXL ou les autres scannesr en sont incapable.

Téléchargez l'application

Tutoriaux-Excalibur Étape 1: Dézippez l'archive
  • Protection ID ne nécessite aucune installation
  • Cliquez sur l'exécutable pour le lancer

Tutoriaux-Excalibur Étape 2: Scannez un jeu installé sur votre PC
  • Cochez les cases Context Menu
  • Cochez Scan Files - 20MB (pour scanner les fichiers de plus de 20 Mo)
  • Cochez Agressive Scan c'est le meilleur mode
  • Puis cliquez sur le bouton Multi Scan (pourquoi Multi Scan ? Parce qu'il scannera l'exécutable et les DLL simultanéments)
  • Protection ID effectuera les deux types de Scan afin de trouver la protection qui s'y trouve.

Tutoriaux-Excalibur Étape 3: Commencez par l'exécutable
  • Sélectionnez l'exécutable et tous les dll du jeu pour les mettre en surbrillance bleu puis cliquez sur Ouvrir
  • Le scan s'amorcera automatiquement
  • Une fois le scan terminé et la protection trouvée apparaitra dans Protection ID

Tutoriaux-Excalibur Étape 4: Scan Terminé
  • Le résultat apparait dans le tableau noir

Tutoriaux-Excalibur Étape 5: Pour scanner un CD ou un DVD
  • Cliquez droit sur l'icône Protection ID dans la barre des tâches
  • Puis cliquez sur Scan File(s) Folder(s)/CD/DVD
  • Puis cliquez finalement sur la méthode CD/DVD (Drive File)
  • Puis recommencez avec la méthode CD/DVD (sector) si protection ID n'a rien trouvé dans File

Tutoriaux-Excalibur Étape 6: Sélectionnez la lettre de votre lecteur
  • Puis faites un Multi Scan Agressif

Tutoriaux-Excalibur Étape 7: Sélectionnez les sous répertoire des dossiers d'installation
  • Si jamais la protection n'a pas été pas trouvée lors de votre Multi Scan dans le dossier d'installation du jeu
  • Il se peut que vous ayez à reprendre le scan à quelques reprises mais c'est assez rare
  • Protection ID est vraiment efficace

Tutoriaux-Excalibur Étape 8: Sélectionnez le répertoire d'installation du jeu
  • Et faites un multi Scan incluant les sous répertoires au lieu des DLL et d el'exécutable.
  • Protection ID vous offre une multitude de choix pour exécuter un scan, alors pourquoi chercher ailleurs ? Aucun Scanner ne le surpasse présentement.

Tutoriaux-Excalibur Étape 9: Les différentes mises à jour des versions

  • * scanning of PC Games & Application files to detect the protection used(s)
    * detects most of the available executable compressor / crypter and it´s up to date in detecting the newest PC-Game protections
    * scanning CDs / DVDs for Tagés (only available on win2k / winxp, but no ASPI drivers required)
    * scan folders with all the included files
    * coded in 100% Win32 Assembly language, allowing it to run on every WinOS since Windows 95
    * easy scanning with the shell context menu 'Scan with Protection ID...' or drag & drop files into the (simple to use) GUI
    * ability to scan a cracked file and to get possible information which protection was originally used
    * check for the newest update and download it
    * more strong scanning routines allowing it to detect multiple (!) protections in one file
    * no additional files like VB Runtimes, MSVC dlls or ASPI drivers are required, you simply need one exe file !
    * constantly updated to detect the newest protections available for PC Games & Applications
    (hey which other tool has this feature too ? ;-)

    * detection for most of the available PC Game Protections
    - 3PLock
    - ActiveMARK
    - CDCops
    - CD Lock
    - Codelok
    - Laserlok
    - Laserlok Marathon
    - JoWood X-Prot
    - Protect Disc (updated !)
    - Ring-Protech
    - Safecast
    - Safedisc (improved !)
    - SecuROM (updated !)
    - Settec Alpha ROM
    - SmartE
    - Starforce (improved !)
    - SVKP
    - Sysiphus
    - Tagés
    - VOB Protect CD
    - CD/DVD - Checks
    - CD/DVD - Keys / Serials

    * detection for todays popular executable protectors/packers including
    - ACProtect
    - Armadillo
    - ASPack
    - ASProtect
    - EXE Cryptor 2
    - NSPack (updated !)
    - PE Compact
    - SVKP
    - UPX (improved !) (updated !)
    - UPack (new !)
    + many more :-)

    * detection for license wrappers
    - eLicense
    - Protection Plus



    - added: SecuROM 7.29.xxxx detection
    - added: Starforce v4.50 (or newer) Protect.exe detection
    - added: Protect Disc v7.5 exact version info for more subversions
    - added: PE Spin exact version detection for v0.3, v0.41, v0.7, v1.0, v1.1 and v1.3 (+ unknown version)
    - added: UPack version detection for v0.10 - v0.12, v0.20, v0.21, v0.22 - v0.2, v0.24 - v0.28
    v0.29 - v0.33, v0.34 - v0.35, v0.36 and unknown versions
    - added: MEW 11 detection (exact version detection for v1.0 & v1.1 - v1.2)
    - added: NSPack v3.7 detection
    - improved: PE Lock v1.0x detection rewritten (faster & more accurate)
    - improved: UPX detection, added more generic checks
    - fixed: Safedisc API could be detected in a few non-safedisc files
    - fixed: Safedisc detection for v4.60/v4.70 in files without version
    - fixed: Starforce v4.50 version display bug



    - added: Protect DiSC protection level scan (Pro/Basic)
    - added: SecuROM exact version detection for lots of v7.27.xxxx and the first of the new v7.28.xxxx
    - added: Safedisc API detection Method 1 (available at oep dump of protected exe)
    - added: Safedisc API detection Method 2 (scan protected executable)
    - added: CDCops detection (scan *.QZ_ file)
    - added: JoWood X-Prot v2.x detection
    - added: Armadillo v4.54 detection
    - added: ActiveMARK v6 detection
    - added: Obsidium version detection for most files
    - added: Petite v1.2, v1.3, v1.4, v2.2 & v2.3 exact version detection
    - improved: Safedisc v4.70 detection in files with removed version string
    - improved: SecuROM 7.26 / 7.27 detection, added more checks for detailed version
    - improved: JoWood X-Prot v1.x detection improved
    - improved: Protect DiSC 6/7 scan, added more detailed versions
    - improved: BJFNT detection rewritten (version detection for v1.1, v1.2 & v1.3)
    - improved: EXE32Pack detection rewritten (version detection for v1.37, v1.38 & v1.42)
    - improved: ExeCryptor2 detection (also fixes possible false detections)
    - improved: Krypton detection rewritten (version detection for v0.2, v0.3, v0.4 & v0.5)
    - improved: NeoLite detection rewritten (faster & more accurate)
    - improved: Obsidium generic detection, added one more check
    - improved: PEBundle detection
    - improved: PE Lock v1.0x detection rewritten
    - improved: PE Pack detection rewritten (version detection for v0.99 & v1.0)
    - improved: Perplex PE Protector v1.01 detection rewritten
    - improved: PE Shield detection (version detection for v0.1d, v0.2, v0.25 & unknown versions)
    - improved: Shrinker detection rewritten (version detection of v3.4, v3.5 & unknown versions)
    - improved: SVKP detection rewritten, detection of v1.051, v1.11, v1.3x - v1.4x (or newer)
    - improved: YodaCrypt detection rewritten (version detection for v1.1, v1.2 & v1.3)
    - improved: detection for lots of minor exe protectors/packers rewritten, including: cEXE, Air EXE Lock,
    DEF, EXEProt v1.x, E-Zip, Lamecrypt, NFO, Noodlecrypt, Passlock 2000, PeX,
    PE Diminisher, PE Mangle, PE Nguincrypt, PE Ninja, PKLite32, SEPP, Softdefender,
    UPX Scrambler, VBO Watch, VG Crypt, Winkrypt, WWPack32
    - fixed: possible crash in Xtreme Protector detection when scanning ExeCryptor v2.2.x wrapped files
    - removed: Protection Options in Armadillo scan (will be readded & improved later)
    - implemented check for Win32 DLLs with EntryPoint 00h (also fixes rare ASPack/ASProtect crash)
    - plus several protection version updates (i.e. Obsidium, MoloBox, PE Compact...)

    due the amount of changes the version was raised to v5.2
    most of the detection routines were recoded, resulting in faster scanning speed & being more accurate.

    we´ve made improvements again in detection of the most common used pc game protections.
    SecuROM 7.28 detection is here (older ones also updated and wrong detections fixed),
    JoWoods new X-Prot will be detected, CDCops detection was added, ActiveMARK´s
    latest version 6 will be recognized, Safedisc routine is able to detect the latest v4.70 games
    with removed version and protection level (SDAPI or Safedisc Standard).
    Protect DiSC detection is up to date (improved exact version scan) and now also detects
    if the protection features are Basic / Pro.

    thx to the people who helped with the more advanced features :-)

    /cdkiller & [x/xxx]


    - added: SecuROM 7.27.xxxx detection
    - added: Protect DiSC v7.5 (or newer) detection
    - added: Starforce 4 protection level (Basic / Pro) detection
    - added: Starforce ProActive v4 Protect.exe detection
    - added: Safedisc detection for v4.70 in executables without version string
    - added: PC Guard v5.01 detection
    - added: SD Protector v1.12, v1.16 and [unknown version] detection
    - added: TheMida v1.0.0.0 - v1.8.0.0 (or newer) detection
    - added: License - eLicense v3.x, v3.20 and v4.0 detection
    - added: License - Protection Plus v4.x detection
    - improved: ActiveMark detection splitted into v4 & v5
    - improved: Xtreme Protector detection code improved
    - improved: SecuROM 7.26.xxxx detection, added more detailed versions
    - improved: Protect DiSC version detection, added support for most common versions
    - fixed: crash during Tages scanning if entrypoint is between offset 2h to 4h

    /cdkiller & [x/xxx]



    - added: SecuROM 7.26 detection
    - added: SecuROM 7.xx.xxxx subversions (tested on 90+ executables)
    - added: Safedisc seperated detection for v4.50 & v4.60 in executables without version string
    - added: Laserlok build detection for v5
    - added: Starforce v4 detection inside protect.exe
    - added: NSPack v3.3 & v3.5 detection
    - improved: Laserlok Marathon detection
    - improved: CodeLok detection
    - fixed: Protect DiSC v6.2 build number bug

    /cdkiller & [x/xxx]



    - added: SecuROM version detection for v7.01, v7.02, v7.10, v7.11, v7.12, v7.20, v7.21, v7.24 and newer
    - added: StarForce BASiC detection (no drivers included) (valid only for SF v3.x)
    - added: StarForce ProActive v3 detection (you need to scan the protect.exe)
    - added: Tages scanning if Device Driver is called (Disc Check)
    - fixed: StarForce bug sometimes not reporting if VFS is used

    finally a working SecuROM 7 version detection.
    scanners just detecting v7.00.00.xxxx are simply wrong.

    short game list:

    Constantine SecuROM v7.01
    GTA San Andreas SecuROM v7.02
    F.E.A.R. SecuROM v7.11
    Indigo Prophecy SecuROM v7.12
    Stubbs The Zombie SecuROM v7.18
    Serious Sam 2 SecuROM v7.19
    Rogue Trooper SecuROM v7.20
    Sensible Soccer 06 SecuROM v7.21
    Hitman Bloodmoney SecuROM v7.24

    /cdkiller & [x/xxx]



    - added: Protect Disc v7.0 - v7.1 (or newer) detection
    - added: Starforce Protect.exe v3.5.xx.xx and v3.6.10.06 - detection
    - added: ActiveMARK detection (+ check for unknown versions/cracked files)
    - added: detection if Tages SDK or Tages BASiC is used in protected files
    - added: Armadillo v4.44 detection
    - added: PC Guard v5 detection
    - improved: ASPack detection (detects v1.01b, v1.02b, v1.03b, v1.05b, v1.06b - v1.061b, v1.07b, v1.08x, v1.083, v1.084
    v2.000, v2.001, v2.1, v2.11, v2.11c - v2.11d, v2.12 and v2.12b)
    - improved: TeLock detection (detects v0.42, v0.51, v0.60, v0.70, v0.71, v0.880, v0.85f, v0.90
    v0.92a, v0.95, v0.96, v0.98b1, v0.98b2, v0.99, v1.00 and v0.98 Special Build)

    /cdkiller & [x/xxx]


    this build is updated again to detect the latest protections and to sqeeze a few bugs.

    - added: Tages v5.3.0.0 - v5.5.0.1 (or newer) detection
    - added: Laserlok build date detection if possible
    - added: StarForce protection infos (depending on what options were used to protect the game)
    - added: Armadillo v4.42 detection
    - added: ASprotect v2.1, v2.2 and v2.3 detection
    - added: ASProtect v2.x [unknown version] detection
    - added: MoleBox v2.x.x [generic] detection
    - added: MoleBox v2.2.3, v2.2.4, v2.2.5, v2.2.6, v2.2.8 and v2.3.0, v2.3.3, v2.4.0, v2.5.0, v2.5.5, v2.5.12 detection
    - added: NSPack v1.0 - v2.8, v2.9, v3.0, v3.1, v3.4, v3.6 and generic detection
    - added: UPX v2.00 detection
    - improved: ASProtect v2.0 detection
    - fixed: Armadillo v4.40 was detected as v4.10 - v4.20 in some files
    - fixed: annoying Starforce bug not reporting protected dlls anymore after executable scanning
    - fixed: Protect Disc detection (added a generic string search too)
    - fixed: SmartE detection is Softlocx6.ocx
    (this protection uses the same wrapper, exept ony byte difference ;P)

    expect a new build soon :-)
    /cdkiller & [x/xxx]



    The last public version (v5.0 Final c) was released 14.12.2004.
    Right after releasing it, the devlopment of v6.0 has began and still continues.
    Now we release v5.1 to keep you up to date. No core changes, just some files from v6.0 alpha thrown into v5 ;-)
    New protections were added, important ones got updated and improved, bugs got fixed...

    - added: JoWood X-Prot detection
    - added: Laserlok Marathon detection
    - added: Protect DiSC detection
    - added: Ring-Protech detection
    - added: SecuROM v7.xx.xx detection
    - added: SmartE Copy Protection detection
    - added: Starforce v3.x version is now displayed with build number
    - added: Tages v5 detection
    - added: VOB Protect CD/DVD v5.9x with build number detection instead of showing "VOB Protect CD/DVD [modified version] detected"
    - added: ACProtect version detection for v1.09, v1.10, v1.20, v1.21, v1.22, v1.23, v1.3c, v1.32, v1.35 / v1.40, v1.41 and v2.0
    - added: Armadillo version detection for v1.00 - v1.84, v2.00 - v2.40, v2.60 - v3.00, v3.05 - v3.20
    v3.30 - v3.61, v3.70 - v3.75, v3.76 - v3.77, v3.78, v4.00 - v4.05, v4.10 - v4.20, v4.30 and v4.40
    - added: ASProtect version detection for v1.0, v1.1, v1.11, v1.2, 1.22 - v1.23 Beta, 1.23 RC4 -, 1.23 RC4 (Registered),
    v1.31, v1.32, v1.33, v2.0 Alpha and v2.1 - v2.11
    - added: EXE Cryptor v2.0 - v2.1.xx, v2.2.0 - v2.2.4 and v2.3.0 - v2.3.7 detection
    - added: FSG v1.0, v1.2, v1.3 - v1.31, v1.3.3, v1.33a and v2.0 detection
    - added: PE Compact v2.xx generic detection
    - added: PE Compact version detection for v1.00 - v1.3x, v1.40 - v1.50, v1.55, v1.56 - v1.65, v1.66 - v1.84,
    v2.0 Beta Build v52, v2.00 - v2.10 and v2.20 - v2.64
    - added: some more CD/DVD-Check detections
    - improved: Laserlok detection
    - improved: Safedisc [generic v1, v2, v3, v4] verification code making it possible to detect a faked Safedisc protection were the SD string
    'BoG_ *90.0&!! Yy>' was simply added to the PE header, also added another piece of code checking for 'real' Safedisc
    - improved: Safedisc v3.20 - v4.xx [unknown version] is more accurate due new checks
    (i.e. NBA Live 2006, version is removed, PID detects 'Safedisc v4.00.001 - v4.00.003)
    - improved: Safecast detection in safecast´ed executables
    - improved: SecuROM detection, added one more check to speed up scanning in non SecuROM´ed files
    - improved: StarForce detection
    - improved: UPX detection
    - improved: VOB Protect CD/DVD detection completely rewritten

    some notes about... SecuROM v7...

    well you´ve probably seen SecuROM 7 "versions" displayed like 7.00.00.xxxx.
    i don´t think it´s the "real" version, check out the following version and their release dates:

    SecuROM (Crashday) - 25.01.2006
    SecuROM (Conflict Global Storm) - 17.08.2005 (!)
    SecuROM (CSI-3 Dimensions of Murder - 22.02.2006 (!)
    SecuROM (Project Snowblind) - 09.04.2005 (one of the first securom 7 titles)
    SecuROM (F.E.A.R.) - 05.09.2005
    SecuROM (Star Wars Empire at War) - 20.01.2006

    just my thoughts on securom... the string is decrypted, yes, but it doesn´t mean it´s part of the version.
    if i´m wrong i´m going to correct it in the next release... but is there any proof ? ;-)

    cdkiller & [x/xxx]


    v5.0c (Protection Update #1)
    v6.0 is progressing very well and the changes are incredible but we thought
    we should release v5.0c to keep you up to date because protections have changed...

    - added: Safedisc v3.20 - 4.xx detection with removed version
    i.e. Need For Speed Underground 2, Flatout, The Lord of The Rings The Battle For Middle-Earth, Knight Rider 2
    - added: 3PLock detection (i.e. Kreed, RTL Skijump 2005, RTL Ski Alpine 2005)
    (consider our protection as the most proper one becaus we don´t simply scan for the section names '.ldr' and '.ldt'
    like another scanner who also tells windows internal dlls are protected with 3PLock , we are anaylsing the exe ;-)
    - improved: totally rewritten Safedisc detection (much faster and highly accurate)

    Our goal is to keep you up to date. while continuing work on v6.0 we might put out some more minor updated v5.0 x versions,
    depends on how much PC Game protections will change.

    cdkiller & [x/xxx]


    v5.0b (bugfixed)
    sorry for the fixed version... but there were some minor annoying bugs in the FiNAL ;-)

    - added: Auto Update feature to support my new website (
    - added: Server selection when doing an Auto Update (my mirror and eagle eyes website)
    - added: VOB Protect CD [modified version] detection (i.e. Sacred *german* )
    - added: 2 more CD-Checks to scan for (MVP Baseball 2004, Battle Mages)
    - fixed: Win9x system lock
    - fixed: corrupt path names in log window when scanning a rar file
    - fixed: [!] Unknown Protection issue when file is non executable or too small to be executable
    - fixed: CDCheck bug displaying 'No Protection found' when certain CDCheck strings were found
    - fixed: SecuROM detection when no version (crypted or unencrypted) was found
    - fixed: LogWindow cursor now shown as normal cursor and not like the I-bar one

    thx again x/xxx for all your help !


    v5.0 FiNAL
    Don´t get me wrong, I labeled it 'FiNAL' because i released a public Beta some weeks ago.
    Nor does it mean I´ll stop developing this popular tool ;-)

    during the development of v5.0 many things have been added, improved, changed, bugfixed and tweaked.
    Protection iD got a totally new core with lots of enhancements, so i don´t write every fix etc
    into the changelog because they will make it explode...

    also, may I say, my tool is the only one with a 99% Tagés detection.
    other tools sometimes have trouble in detecting Tagés or detect Tagés wrong on a CD/DVD where another protection is used.
    the Tagés scanning feature is only available on Win2k / WinXP / Win2k3 without the need of ASPI drivers.
    soon it will be Win9x compatible, also without any additional drivers !

    i want to say 'a very big THANX' to you mate (x/xxx) for all your effort and help u put into v5.xx. u know who u are !
    together we brought PROTECTiON iD to the next level !

    * added: aggressive scan (read notes) for a more powerfull detection
    * added: CD/DVD sector scanning for ISO protections (Tagés only in v5.0, more will follow)
    * added: CD/DVD file scanning for all possible protections if executable is present in an uncompressed state
    * added: context scan menu for all files (can be enabled / disabled in the GUI) (read notes)
    * added: drag & drop support for the GUI, simply select as many files as you want and drop them into Protection iD
    * added: folder scanning
    * added: glowing buttons to GUI
    * added: log window showing all detected protections
    * added: online update (systray menu -> support -> check for updates)
    * added: progress bar showing total progress of scan to be completed
    * added: queue window, displaying the files in queue when doing a multiscan or drag & drop of more than one file
    * added: status window displaying the current operations
    * added: systray icon / menu (single / multi scan, folder / cd / dvd scan, drop me a mail, check website, download update, visit
    * added: updater wich will download the latest version for you (systray menu -> support -> check for updates) (read notes)
    * added: detailed information about a program crash
    * added: detection for Laserlock version (if detection is possible...)
    * added: detection for Settec Alpha ROM (used in Korean games, will hit Europe soon... thx mate for the exe !)
    * added: detection for VOB Protect CD version
    * added: detection for Air ExeLock
    * added: detection for Crypto-Lock
    * added: detection for E-Zip
    * added: detection for latest EXEStealth v2.74
    * added: detection for Perplex PE Protector
    * added: detection for UPX Scrambler
    * added: detection for latest X-treme Protector v1.07
    * added: detection if a CD-Key is required (i.e Call of Duty, Savage, Quake 3 Arena...)
    * added: more CD/DVD-Check detection strings to database (i.e. Fire Starter, Massive Assault, Apache Longbow Assault...)
    * added: scanning in all files wich are valid PE files (i.e. in Lords of Everquest, the Lords.ree is protected with SecuROM)
    * improved: totally new scanning routines (much faster and more stable)
    * improved: ASPack detection
    * improved: FSG detection
    * improved: Krypton detection
    * improved: Neolite detection
    * improved: PE Compact detection
    * improved: PE Lock detection
    * improved: PE Shield detection
    * improved: Softdefender version checking
    * improved: Special EXE Password Protector detection
    * improved: Stealth PE detection
    * improved: UPX detection (to detect fakes and modified versions)
    * improved: VBO Watch detection
    * improved: VGCrypt detection
    * improved: X-treme Protector v1.00 - v1.07 detection (i.e. Spellforce exe is protected with v1.06)
    * improved: checks if a file was cracked by an iso / dox / rip group
    * removed: checks for possible CD-Check API Calls (i got enough CD-Check strings wich should find the checks)
    * removed: scanning exefiles for Tagés (use the proper detection with the cd/dvd sector scan feature)
    * fixed: 4 KB file scanning crash